Hieroctive is a game of reflection and memory in which you will discover the hieroglyphs used by the Egyptians millennia ago to solve different puzzles of various types.

The game has a multitude of levels in which you will discover dozens of hieroglyphs allowing you to understand the language of the Egyptians. 

You can learn the meaning of several hieroglyphs designating actions, animals, colors, time, etc.

With the coins you earn at the end of each level, you can buy a lot of cosmetics, like new music and even wallpapers created by our graphic designers, to personalize and embellish your game interface.

The game also features a cross-device synchronization system and an online leaderboard powered by an Eclipium account.

It is available in 5 languages and has a complete documentation to facilitate your start in Hieroctive.

So what are you waiting for? Download Hieroctive now!