Independent video game creation studio

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What's Eclipium ?

Eclipium is an independent video game studio founded in 2019, at the time named TrioGames. Since then, Eclipium has created puzzle games such as TetraSwap and Hieroctive, but that’s not all, in addition to that there are applications of other types. Its goal? To create games that allow everyone to play without worrying about the capabilities of their machine.

Eclipium at your service!


Lightness and Optimization

Our games are designed to be optimized and lightweight. This lightness and optimization will allow almost anyone to run them on any device, even if it has low performance.


Our games are often updated, for new features, to patch all the bugs... And this under the format: Add > Improve > Perfect. We are also on the lookout for suggestions.


Our support is extremely present to answer your questions and help you as soon as possible. Our staff is very active and we are always there when you need us.


We take care of the concepts of our games. Our Game-Designers, Level-Designers and editors are there to prepare everything, whether it is the texts, the levels and the objectives, everything is done by us. Now you have somewhere to go if you get bored!

Our partners

Without them, we would not have come this far!